Cox Editing Services

“Good writing can change the life of the reader—and the writer.”

Cox Editing Services

“Good writing can change the life of the reader—and the writer.”

Why Hire Cox Editing Services?

All writers who want their work to look professional need an editor, whether we realize it or not. Admittedly, the same is true of me. I’ve written articles for professional publications throughout my career, but I don’t always see my mistakes.

As writers, we’re not necessarily objective about our work. Too many things can go wrong. Examples include dropped or redundant words, misspellings, grammatical mistakes, inconsistent spacing, and punctuation errors.

We sometimes overlook such errors because we know what we meant to write. Our minds see things as they should be rather than as they are. There’s nothing wrong with this; it’s simply how humans are “wired.”

What Does Editing Mean to Us?

Many view editing as merely correcting grammar, misspelled words, and incorrect punctuation.

We view editing as much more. We feel it’s more about suggesting changes to support the writer completing a written work professionally for publication. It’s a work in which the writer hopes to share a message that connects with an audience.

Why Do Our Services Matter?

The written content you produce and share with publishers, clients, and readers often determines their impression of you.

In essence, good writing signifies competence. It should tell readers, “I know what I’m doing.” It should also make others feel more confident in publishing your work, buying from you, approving your proposal, or retaining your services.

Errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other text problems can prove embarrassing and ultimately hurt your credibility.

As a writer, people will judge your competence and intelligence based on your proper use of the English language, whether they realize it or not — and regardless of whether you feel it’s fair for them to do so.

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Your grammar, spelling, and punctuation may determine your credibility as a writer for anyone who reads what you’ve written.

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