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Our Ethical Standards for Working with Clients

As editors, we must set aside personal judgment about what is written.

Our job is to enhance the writer’s work. We help make it clearer by applying the “rules of writing.” Moreover, we do so without changing the author’s “voice” or the material’s meaning, emotional impact, or artistry.

We will not replace the author’s work with personal biases, beliefs, or writing style.

As editors, we must consider every editing assignment as confidential. We must not divulge the concept, subject, or any other facet of the written work to others without the author’s express consent.

We will keep our opinions of the author’s character, ability, and expertise to ourselves. The relationship between the author and the editor must be one of respect and trust.

We encourage the authors of our assignments every step of the way and nurture the writing as though it were our own work.

Since we have chosen editing as a profession, we feel these standards are not too much to ask of ourselves.